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Girl Prob Blog

How it all began…

Girl Prob Blog began back in the days of 2014, when I wanted to be a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Make up tutorials and seasonal crafts filled the page, but it never really took off. It was missing something. Summer 2017 comes along, hip surgery leaves me bed bound, and the only things I had for company were books, blogs, and endless episodes of Love Island. After reading some articles on numerous topics, I decided I wanted to write, and a few months later here we are.



What is Girl Prob Blog?

This question has haunted me for a few months but now I feel Like I can Finally answer it. Girl Prob Blog covers everything a millennial need to navigate the world today! with a feminist undertone, and a love of Harry Styles, I aim to help guide you through your days of adulting. From fashion to music, advertising, to feminism, this page is a place to express the worries and issues that many of us have on a day to day basis.


Who is Girl Prob Blog?




Hi I’m Kat, I’m 22 (and this is my crib! Joking sorry I’ll be serious again) and I am the core content creator for Girl Prob Blog. In the real world I am a Masters student in Manchester, studying Theology and Religion, and I am also a part time waitress. My dream career is to pursue a freelance writing position, teaming up with brands to create sensational content. I know its going to be long and hard journey, but I am a strong, passionate and determined young woman.


Where else can you find me?

I know, you can’t get enough of me, its ok, its a common problem. (Please pick up the sarcastic tone, I know I’m annoying) I write for a few different sites, and I am working on  pitching my articles to a wider audience. At the moment, I have a weekly slot on the Bold Magazine and I have a monthly position over at Master Class Media. Also, if you are an instagram fan, check out Ralph’s Angst a feminist zine that has amazing content, I help out managing their instagram page!


Stick around for creative content, and new stuff to come!

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