The Diary of a Millenial

Entry Two

Dear Diary,

                Guess who has two thumbs and failed already?

I mean I don’t get why you need to hear from me everyday, same sh!* different day, right?

I get up, I make breakfast, I iron, I dance to 80’s music that is playing obnoxiously loud to annoy the neighbours, which by the way are (in polite terms) devil spork. So after the dancing and the ironing (let’s ignore the health and safety risks there), I see what else needs doing and then I may have a shower…

I say may because sometimes it’ll get to 4pm and by the time I get round to having a shower… well there’s just not much point.

I love looking after my Nan and helping my Mum, I mean they did it for me…

Just recently it’s been hard.

My Nan doesn’t seem to recognise how much I do, and then in turn my Mum feels guilty.

It’s sh!* now, but life goes on, or whatever rubbish motto people that have never experienced a true crappy day say.

I’m becoming a little bit of a recluse, but I don’t mind. I like my little bubble.

It’s cosy and warm, and like I said Netflix and comfort food, what more could you want!?

Also, amongst all the moping and moaning in this entry, one good thing did happen…


I am one happy-ish girl.


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