The Diary of a Millennial



Entry One

Dear Diary, 


                 I always find it strange writing ‘Dear Diary’, I mean I’m not writing anyone in particular, but I guess it’s the one thing in the world that is going to listen to my IMG_0094ramblings so…

Dear Diary

This is the 100th time I have tried to keep a diary, and similar to attempt 99, this time I will stick to it…


I’ll be lucky to make it through the week! 

I guess this is where I write about my day, but, in all honesty, not much happened. I mean I had an eye test and got a brand spanking new pair of glasses with posh frames that can do everything apart from shoot lasers, but that’s not exciting.

I guess that’s the problem. I’m not exciting. In fact I’m a mile away from being exciting.

I’m dull, boring and maybe even a little bit bland.

I rarely leave the house, because who wants to leave a warm nest with Netflix and comfort food, and my day consists of household chores. I mean I’m the perfect model housewife.

I suppose I need to think of one interesting thing to say…

Oooooh ok, I have it!

At the moment I wish I was born in the 80’s…

Well that was a bit of an anti-climax.

How do you sign off a diary entry? It all seems very formal up until now…

I’ll just pop my initials on and be a little mysterious for anyone that does find this diary, but I guess they will probably know me so…



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