I Have A Confession… I am Obsessed with Gucci…



We all have our obsessions, for some it’s TV programmes and films, for others it’s celebrities and pop stars (we all know I have a soft spot for a certain pop star who flaunts around the stage in bell bottoms). But I seem to have fallen deeply in love with someone else…

So I have a confession, I am obsessed with Alessandro Michele



Now I can imagine the huge amount of blank face peering at screens wondering who that is! Well in 2015 Michele became the creative director of Gucci, and ever since Gucci’s designs have caught my eye, and I have become a little bit addicted! 

I wish I could sit here and say my wardrobe is full of designer pieces, yet Gucci is still a little out of my league. Gucci’s initial intrigue was built around a luxurious lifestyle. Clothes made for the elite, but the Italian Fashion designer aims for Gucci to speak to everyone!

‘The jet set doesn’t exist anymore, I’m trying to speak to the world, to everyone.’

Bringing a message of universality to fashion. Michele has revitalised the industry with bright floral patterns and statement accessories. Growing up on the outskirts of Rome with his father, a  Alitalia technician, and his mother, an assistant for a film exec, mix in his studies in costume design have created ideas inspired by the wanderlust related to air travel and the fantastical work of cinema. 

The Spring / Summer Collection for Gucci, showcased on the 24/09/18, demonstrated a lack of restriction in the world of fashion. Bell bottoms , denim, bold colours, all donned the models as they walked the runway.

“We think we are a step ahead but we’re not sometimes. So it seems vintage that a guy can look a little like a girl or vice versa. To me it’s something that’s so natural.”

Explaining to AnOther Magazine, Michele reveals his designs do not come with a strict gender label, which I feel is strongly expressed in the SS19 collection.



Michele is not the only one breaking the rigid barriers of gender ruling when it comes to fashion. 22 year old designer Harris Reed has constructed pieces that are unique to fashion. Taking inspiration from current social ands political issues, his designs are meant to make a conversation, according to Rasmussen for LOVE Magazine.


The styles of the 60’s and 70’s are back being brought back into the here and now, but I think that they are being used in a very unique way, which is to create conversation about gender and sexuality within fashion.

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