Why Love Island has made me hate my body!


Every summer I look forward to six weeks of romance, drama, and arguments, all from my own sofa. Love Island has built up popularity over the last three years, becoming more than just a programme, developing it’s own merch line, and sponsorship with popular cosmetics store ‘Superdrug’.  The show is based around  a group of people being sent to a villa in Majorca, with no connection to the outside world. The aim of the show is to find love, but with a £50,000 prize, who’s in it for love and who’s in it for money?

I love the show, I enjoy the drama and the loveable contestants that appear on the show. I do have one issue though, the selection process. The contestants are supposed to be relatable to the audience, but sometimes I just feel that I cannot relate.


I would say that Love Island select applicants based on society’s version of “attractive”. Most of them have  modelling experience and have appeared in various music videos, or have a link to someone famous. They spend their days around the villa in bikinis and swimwear, and the couples always seem like a perfect match. 

The whole show seems to pick people  who are conventionally attractive, which reduces the relatable element of the contestants. Their seems to be a strict selection process for contestants, which makes the message of the show a little disheartening. It seems to imply that only what society thinks is attractive can find love. 

I don’t think I’m what society would call attractive. I’m not that skinny, I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup, and I don’t dress according to trends. So where does the leave me, single forever? Well I’d rather be single, than change myself to fit with society’s rules of attraction.

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