Cupcakes and Chaos: A Review


Cupcakes release available now

Cupcakes and Chaos

Lacey has a problem. 


She’d jumped on a plane to New York on New Year’s Day.

Because he’d asked.


She’d drunk too much and had thrown up. Everywhere.

Because he made her nervous.


Now she’s been offered modelling work.


The catch?


She has to work with Malcolm.


She knows where the attraction may lead, but can she leave it behind once the work is finished, or will Malcolm fight his way into her heart?



I’ve been finding it hard recently to claim a moment for myself. Dissertation deadline looming, and setting up your own business takes it toll on you. So When Keeley Holmes announced she had another segment of the Serendipity Series, I jumped at the chance to review it.

Keeley’s books always entice me with their informal writing style, and relatable characters. Cupcakes and Chaos does not disappoint. As Lacey embarks on a trip to New York to meet Malcolm, I’m sure she didn’t expect to be throwing up all over a table in an NYC bar. 

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Although she doesn’t really want to, Lacey takes on a series of modelling jobs, and as the story progresses she becomes closer and closer to Malcolm. He gets on her last nerve, but Lacey has feelings for him, and she can’t deny them.

Though the book has a positive message of self confidence, Keeley still includes a realistic event that connects the reader more deeply with the characters. This events motivates Lacey to create her own business, and finally do something that she wants to do. On hearing that Malcolm has sold his mansion, and is acting strangely. His show of support really has no bounds, and they both have to admit that they have fallen in love with each other. 

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The story is beautiful, and captured my attention through its relatable style. I always feel that I can place myself in her character’s shoes, be it the stubbornness, or the lust she has for Malcolm. Keeley really has created another irresistible love story that is hard to put down.


Congratulations Keeley on another book, I hope my readers love it as much as I do!



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