The Struggles of Being an Adult

In the words of Heather Small, ‘what have you done today to make you feel proud!’ (It’s never too late to try!) We all have busy schedules, jam packed days, but sometimes I feel like I am failing as an Adult.

Most people at 22 have finished Uni, have a job, and are planning or have already moved out and are becoming a fully functioning adult.

Or so I thought…


With this image in mind, I feel like I am failing as an ‘Adult’. Why, you ask. Well I’m 22 , I live at home with my epic parents ( my biggest fans), I have a part time job as a waitress, and I am months away from completing my studies. With my studies coming to an end, I am flooded with questions from my family about careers. Everyone thought I was set for a teaching career.



Well paid.


Kushty right? Not for me, I decided that it didn’t tickle my pickle any more. There was something missing, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Summer came and surgery happened, and I started writing.

The career  I have chosen is insecure, full of risks, but fulfilling and rewarding. I have decided I want to be a freelance writer. Going freelance is a big step, mainly because you have to do everything yourself. I enjoy writing for companies, adding a personal voice to products, but with this career choice comes a negative stigma.

People have told me I do nothing, I’m lazy because I only work two days as a waitress. They don’t see the amount of behind the scenes work that goes on. Not having a “proper job” is where, I feel I can be considered to be failing adult life.

A job isn’t the only thing, all I have to do is click on Facebook, and someone is getting engaged or having a baby! Me, I’m single! (and plan on maintaining this status until Harry Styles is definitely off the cards) I don’t have a doting BF, telling me how special I am every two seconds, or bringing me coffee when I’m working. I’m facing the big wide world alone. it’s scary, but is actually a sign of courage!

All of the things that society has conditioned me to deem as bad are actually my successes in life! The fact that I am taking the risks to become a freelancer , and stray from the norm is bold and exciting. I think if I stuck to the norm for once it would be weird.

Plus having a partner does not mean you’re winning at life! Why do you need someone else to tell you you’re amazing, when you should tell yourself that everyday? I guess what I’m trying to say is :

Is There Such A Thing As A Successful Adult?

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