The Dating Rules: A Review

Well this is new! This year has been all about trying something new and different, so I guess this forms apart of it. Being a blogger has its perks. I was one of the lucky few bloggers to be asked to review Keeley Holmes’ latest book ‘The Dating Rules’. The book forms apart of the Serendipity series, this was the first instalment I have read, and let me tell you I am freeing up my schedule to read the rest!


I love Rom Coms, When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook, Pretty Woman, you name it I’ve watched / read it! The Dating Rules fulfilled my Rom Com needs! Full of twists and turns , and relatable characters, The Dating Rules really has it all!


Izzy, a hard working young woman has some strict rules about dating. However, they all seem to fly out of the window when she meets Parker. In the words of the author : “Izzy likes to make rules and Parker likes to break them!” An agreement of 10 dates is all Izzy accepts, but I don’t think she’s so sure thats all she wants from Parker.


Both from troubled backgrounds, the pair are both reluctant to date,  but Parker knows what he wants. Izzy ,on the other hand, knows Parker could be good for her, but with a disappointing, and absent father, how can she trust Parker will stick by her? Little does she know that Parker understands completely.


The book tackles issues such as family loss, abandonment , and sexual assault. These dark issues are perfectly balanced with the crazy dates that Parker takes Izzy on. Spoiler alert: one involves handcuffs!


I cannot praise this book more, it allowed me to escape my everyday single life, and live in the shoes of a young girl going on adventurous dates. I feel everyone can find something relatable in Izzy and Parker, and thats what I love!





I’d like to make a personal thanks to Keeley Holmes, for letting me read this book before its release. Its been an absolute pleasure!



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