The Prom Diaries



It’s that time of year again! The time that year 11s (or seniors, for my friends across the pond) everywhere get extremely excited about. High-heel shoes, big dresses, and stretch limousines, yep, it’s prom season!


I find it really weird thinking that 6years ago I finished high school. Exam worries behind me, and the real stress began… prom dress shopping! In all honesty, I wasn’t too bothered about prom. To me it was a big fuss made about nothing. An excuse to bring all my body worries to the surface. At prom you had to look perfect, it was my first proper formal dinner dance! But still I don’t think I was too bothered.

I wasn’t popular in high school. I wasn’t one of the plastics; I was the nerdy, chubby kid, who was picked on. Being the unpopular kid  meant a date to prom was off the cards. I don’t understand the huge deal made about having a date to prom. I mean who wants to go with a boy ewww. I think its safe to say the biggest concern for everyone was the dress (including the parents who’s eyes would burst at the price).


You hear stories of girls spending hundreds of pounds on dresses that they will wear for a couple of hours. Me, being the cheap skate I am, spent a total of £53.00, on a dress, shoes, and accessories. The dress long and black, paired with a gold belt from Primark, and if I say so myself I looked all right.




We didn’t book a limo or a fire engine, or something ridiculous. We booked a chauffeur, a Dad chauffeur. We hitched a ride with me dad, and rolled into prom in a BMW. No one cared about us arriving anyway. I didn’t have my first proper dance at prom, and I didn’t go to an after party. This was mainly because my friends made me ring my dad after being there two hours because they were bored. It’s safe to say we don’t talk much now. I did get a chance to thank my teachers, and reminisce about my high school years, but if I’m truthful, I’m glad they are behind





Would I change my prom experience? I’m not sure. I mean my style is completely different now; I’d probably wear more a statement dress. As the 6 years have flown by my fashion, but also my confidence has changed. I’m no longer the shy little girl, but I am still nerdy, some habits just don’t change.

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