First World Problems For Someone In Their Early 20’s

TOP PIC millennial

With all of the spotlight on our lovely Prime Minister (can you hear the sarcasm, I hope so.) and the threat of conflict hovering, it’s really put things into perspective. Things like this highlight all the little things we worry about in life, as anyone who knows me, knows I’m an expert at worrying. So I’m gonna let you into a little secret. What sorts of things keep a 22-year-old student, and blogger up all night?




Yes I know, of all the things, I worry about houses. No, I have not been playing too much monopoly, recent news has shown that renting is now the norm, as us younger people can’t afford a deposit for a mortgage. 40% of millennials are likely to be renting for their entire lives!


I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean the bonus is you can rent bills included, and you don’t have to worry if the boiler breaks. It is sad though; that many (including myself) won’t have somewhere they can call ho






Career Worries and Just being an Adult:



Now if you’re like me and change your mind every two minutes on what you want to do in life, you will understand my worries. Prior to studying my MA, throughout my undergrad, I was set on teaching. However, during summer 2017 I fell in love with writing, and decided blogging / Journalism was the career I wanted. Although, with no money or opportunities rolling in at the moment, I’m concerned at my choice, but I am not giving up another dream career. (What’s the other dream career, I hear you ask? That’s for another time.)



Being Single:


Of course I worry about this. I feel like this is a standard worry for a lot of people my age. I mean I don’t need no man, but it would be nice to think I have a shot at a serious relationship. In my head, I’m going to end up single, surrounded by many animals. But you never know Harry Styles may sweep me off my feet yet! It’s not just being in a relationship, I’ve always wanted to be a godparent. That crazy aunt, that let’s you do weird and wonderful things.


I know, some of this stuff is a little premature, as my mum said; I have my whole life ahead of me. My dad, on the other hand, is just happy I’m still single.

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