How Hasn’t It fallen Out Yet! – A Hair Story


TOP PIC hair

During my 22 years on this planet my hair has been many shades. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know this. If you don’t, then I highly recommend you go follow @girlprobblog for the excellent content quality! Now enough of the shameless self-advertisement, my natural hair colour is actually (drumroll please) Mousey brown! Yep, I’m a brunette in disguise as a blonde bombshell!



I began dying my hair at around 16. I wanted to go darker brown, and also understand what the big fuss was about dying hair, I guess. I was happy for a while with my ebony locks, and if I became bored with it, I would add some red or purple tones to it. All was well, but I get bored quite quickly, and soon enough brown hair wasn’t cutting it anymore.


So I started the journey to blonde hair. My head became highlights galore, but it still wasn’t light enough! Enter my good ol’ friend bleach. (I can hear you all cringing, and the endless screams of NO don’t do it!) It probably wasn’t the best bleached hair in the world, and yes I know how bad it is for your hair, but I loved my white hair. It was like having a blank canvas on my head! (Also Game of Thrones was big back then, and I turned many a head with my Khaleesi style locks.)


You name a colour and it was most likely on my head at some point. Pink and Peachey tones were my all time favourite. Now, I was gonna say I got bored again, (due to the amount of back lash I got from my ex’s mates) but f@£* it! My BF at the time convinced me to go back to brunette, saying I’d look sexier, and we would be the picture perfect couple. (Funnily enough, we never took any pictures together after I had it done, I don’t think. There may be one somewhere.) I made the huge leap from platinum to brunette, and it was all right, I guess.

Blond to brown



A month later we broke up.


Word of warning, dye your hair because you want to, not because someone tells you ‘you will look better’ or ‘thinks you will look sexier’. Its your hair, not theirs!


I stayed brunette again for a little while, but guess what? I got bored again. (If we have learnt anything from this blog post, it’s that normal hair doesn’t work for me!) Back to blonde we go! A lot of box dyes later, I finally got back to a blond I was happy with. June 2017, this was the month that I wanted a change, but don’t worry, no dyes were harmed in this process. I went for the chop! My long locks became short locks, hanging just above my shoulders. I would have donated my hair, but if you hadn’t guessed already, my hair was very processed. Gemma styles was the inspiration for my short hair, and I haven’t looked back since.



September 2017. Colour returns. For my graduation present, my lovely mother took me to Bleach Berwick St. I was placed in the skilled stylist’s hands and she created a beautiful bright purple! Although it faded, and had a few green tones, I got back to blonde again.


April 2018, I returned to Berwick St, this time all ready for my roots bleached and a cool colour. I wish I could say they sponsored me, but honestly I don’t need the incentive, the stylists at Bleach London are amazing and work with your ideas! The beautiful Sarah Keane worked her magic on my hair. 3 and half hours later, my dodgey warm and cool toned blonde had been transformed into a beautiful grey. I honestly could not be happier! (The fact that Sarah was from Manchester as well made it even better, I didn’t have to be anxious about my accent!)



My hair has been through an amazing journey and I wouldn’t change it for one minute. At the end of the day, it’s my hair, and like it or lump it, it will never be normal!





I want to say a huge thank you to Sarah, for giving me my amazing hair do, and the Smokey Shampoo, you’re an absolute Queen! I also want to thank Freddie for the epic purple hair too. Also, everyone at Bleach London in Berwick St for being so lovely!




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