Get To Know : The Flower Arranger


The past few months have been a whirlwind. I have had a complete career change, I decided to say no to the bright future in teaching, and take a gamble on the blogging world. I have found Instagram to be an incredible networking platform, and I have met many marvellous creative people including the one and only Sapphire! I got a chance to catch up with the owner of the Flower Arranger and mastermind behind the Coven.



Hello, Hello, Hello! So lets hear a little bit about you first, so you and my readers aren’t strangers!


I’m Sapphire, I am twenty-four. I don’t have much time for hobbies because I work so much, but I love boxing and try to go four times a week, I also LOVE visiting new countries and exploring. My idol is Bill Murray and I’m definitely not a typical florist or business-woman.




So lets talk “The Flower Arranger”, how did it all begin? 


The Flower Arranger came to life two years ago when I was staying in Thailand with no job and slowly running out of money. I had trained as a florist at my previous job but just wasn’t built to work for other people (it’s the Aquarius in me). So I just decided to say ‘fuck it’, my life motto, and set up a website advertising myself as The Flower Arranger.



That life motto is everything! I think I need a little Aquarius in me, but I’m too much of a stubborn Pisces. As well as your amazing flower arranging business, you also run a group called The Coven Girl Gang, which I am honoured to be apart of.  For my readers what exactly is the Coven?


The Coven is an online and IRL platform with powerful, creative business women who want to grow their businesses, whilst connecting and supporting a whole load of badass women similar to themselves. It is still in its very early stages – we haven’t officially launched yet or even finished the website but we’re getting close! 





The Coven is an amazing resource and has allowed me to connect with so many amazing creative! How does the Coven help fierce women in the world of business?


When you work by yourself no matter how strong and fierce you are you can sometimes feel lonely – there isn’t always someone around to discuss your ideas with or to make you feel supported. That is where our community comes in. I provide members with a safe online space to chat with likeminded individuals about anything and everything. When we officially launch there will also be video content from industry experts on various different key aspects of business to help you grow and strengthen your skill set. 


I admire this so much. It’s not addressed enough that there isn’t a whole lot of help for Freelancers, and individual businesses. I have found that working for yourself is challenging, but at the same time it allows so much freedom! What Inspired you to set up The Coven?


I felt lonely working by myself all day long, I wanted to connect with other people who just GOT IT. I also have noticed that as someone working in the creative industry that quite often us creatives are so in love with the art that we create that we really don’t like to focus on the ‘boring’ stuff like accounts and admin, but these are key aspects of running a business that we need to learn in order to grow a big profitable business and keep creating the art that we love. 


That is true, accounts and anything with numbers scares me! Aswell, joining the Coven has made me feel less alone, and has lit a fir under my ass to do more! What would you tell someone who’s family didn’t really understand their dream to work freelance?


You will either support me or you won’t. I’m a very to the point person and I just think some people will understand why you do what you do and others will just think you are fucking crazy and that’s life. 


I would tell the person in question that just because their family doesn’t understand it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t chase their dream. They should get their asses into The Coven where they can feel supported. 


If you could give someone one piece of advice to setting up their own business/ work freelance what would it be?


Fucking do it. There are a million reasons why you shouldn’t and a million perfectly valid obstacles in the way but there is never the perfect time to go it alone. It’s a bumpy road but the sooner you start, the sooner you achieve your dreams. 


Agreed, we only live once, so ceasing the day is important! No point waiting around. One last little question, who is your female inspiration at the moment?


That is a really difficult question! I don’t think I have one specific female inspiring right now apart from my Mum. The online community and camaraderie shown by female creatives online currently inspires me. Women are really coming together and supporting each other at the moment and you can really see that on platforms like instagram. I love it. 



Me too! The amount of support demonstrated on social media is epic! Mums are definitely the best! My Mum inspires me everyday and even got me to join a tap dancing class!

People like Sapphire, and the many other fantastic creatives I have met through different platforms inspire me. My blog has definitely opened doors for me, and allowed me to connect with the most fabulous women, and creators! If you’re thinking of blogging or starting your own business, in the words of Sapphire “Fucking Do It!” There’s nothing holding you back!


Go Follow Sapphire:




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