What The Hell Am I Eating?

5 Tips to eating awareness


We eat a lot, or may be I should speak for myself, but most of us have three square meals a day. That’s right breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (or if you’re from up north, dinner and tea), but are we aware of what we are chomping down on every mealtime? Live Happerley has challenged me to become more food conscious, and I thought I would share with you my top tips to becoming aware of what we are eating, and where it is from.


Milk is a staple in most people’s diet, (apologies to those among you who are lactose intolerant) but do you know where it is from? Most people will pop along to the supermarket, pick up a pint and get on with their daily business, but still where is that milk from? After a ravenous google search the brand of milk that I use regularly demonstrated that the cows were organically farmed, well looked after, and it was a farmer owned product. You can even visit one of their farms, but for me this wasn’t enough. Yes it’s produced in the UK, but what if I could buy milk produced in Bury. After a little digging I found a brand that were right on my doorstep. J. Kenyon and Sons are a fourth generation dairy farm producing, supplying and delivering fresh farm milk daily to doorsteps and local businesses. Produced in the Summerseat area, and established in 1955, the Kenyon’s proudly supply much of Ramsbottom with Milk, and are advertised by small businesses. I can’t believe how easy it was to find a milk supplier that was right under my nose!MILK


Next up, eggs. Nope not the chocolate variety, I’m talking about chicken eggs. Scrambled, poached, and sunny side up, I love my eggs, but recently I had a bit of a shock. This may be me having a little blonde moment but did you know you could track your eggs? Ladies and Gents the little red numbers on your eggs are not to be ignored, a few clicks and you can identify exactly where that egg is from and how it is farmed. The sequence of numbers and letters identifies whether the egg is caged, organic, or free range, and also the address of the farm where it was hatched. How precise these are, I am not sure. However, if you are concerned about companies falsely advertising “Farm Eggs”, tap in that number and see what you find, the results may leave you shocked.


Meat, another big element that is included in our every day diet. Protein is a crucial element to maintain a healthy diet. Nevertheless, do not be fooled by ‘ Loch Muir Salmon’, or ‘Fresh Scottish beef’, we want the good stuff, not some fantasy farm produce. Recently we have been visiting our local butchers who buy stock in bulk and offers great prices. The best part is all the meat is sourced from UK farms. We had lamb last week that was from a farm in Ainsworth, it was beautiful and so fresh! Local produce is delicious and does not have to be really expensive.



A big piece of advice is (drum roll please…) ask questions! I’m a waitress, I understand that people have dietary requirements and allergies to cater for, but, people want to know what they are eating! Anything that is claiming to be organic question, speak to a chef if possible. The amount of times I am asked if our cakes are fresh is phenomenal these days, and I love saying with pride that they are made fresh on the premises. Never be afraid to ask question, after all it is you that is eating it.


One thing that worried me when starting this challenge was losing out on some treats. Luxuries if you will, I thought I wouldn’t possibly be able to find indulgent foods that I can locate. I was wrong. Not only do I live right next to an ice cream parlour, serving fresh ice cream made on the premises, the town I live in is filled with glorious products. One of my favourites is Bury Black Pudding (cue the ‘ewww’). Growing up we would always go to Bury Market on a Saturday. In the winter months to warm us up, my mum would treat us to a fresh black pudding, every mouthful bursting with flavour! I honestly don’t think that some supermarket fake could stand up to authentic produce.




Overall, this challenge is teaching me to be more aware of what I am eating, and where it’s from. There is a false stigma surrounding local produce, declaring it as expensive or hard to find. It takes a small amount of effort to find some really amazing local brands! I hope this blog, and the work that Live Happerley are doing inspires you to try something new!



*A big thank you to Live Happerley for challenging me!*

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