Consent Over The Phone



Imagine being able to pick up your phone and consent to sex. No need to live in your imagination anymore coz you can! Welcome to 2018, the era when everthing involves a phone, even sex. When my mate texted me and told me about this amazing new app, I was a little concerned about what is to come in 2018. The app creates a legal document that can be signed to prove that the sex is consensual. Some would say this is great, me on the other hand (the negative nelly) can see various issues surrounding this.


LegalFlings is an app awaiting release that uses block chain technology. To debunk this, it basically means that it takes private information from each party to draw up a contract, defining whether you would like to have sex. Surely this is not legally binding? Oh but in fact it is. Based on a form of legal document tracking, the app is focussed on creating a legally binding agreement between two partners. With the efficient design inspired by Tinder, its as easy as 1 2 3 to create a consensual contract, before you get down to business.


Is no one else thinking this is just a tad odd? Let alone the awkward few minutes whilst the app loads up, but surely there are some ethical issues. Consent is not just a yes or no situation. If I agree to have sex with you, I don’t agree to have sex the way you like it, there has to be compromise. Even though LegalFling claims it leaves wiggle room and includes terms so that you can consider sex a safe consensual experience, what happens if in two minutes I feel uncomfortable and want it to stop!



The app does include within the agreement that No means No at any time, but what about other elements. Suppose someone wanted to express his or her inner Christian Grey and soft violence occurs during intercourse? Did I agree to this? This brings me back to compromise. In order to get full consent, I argue that as a couple; you should sit down and talk before hand. It needs to be made clear that when I agree to intercourse, there are boundaries. By boundaries, I am referring to limitations that should be applied during intercourse. When I agree to sex, I don’t agree to sex however you like it. I am not allowing someone to do whatever he or she wants, there has to be compromise in order for it to be mutually enjoyable.


In my opinion technology has gone too far, online dating is one thing, but an app for sexual consent? The fact that there needs to be an app is ridiculous, everyone should know that no means NO! The best way I have found to explain consent is the ‘Cup of Tea’ video! 


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