Live Or Over The Good Ol’ Radio


Ask anyone what’s better, live music or over the radio and 9 out 10, the response will be live. I haven’t been to many concerts, apart from the multiple One Direction performances; I am not a regular at gigs. Maybe its because I’m a poor student (cue the ‘Awws’), or it’s because I never check when artists are playing. (But don’t worry guys I made sure I got Harry and Niall tickets!) My one regret in life is that I miss out on loads of gigs.


Yep, I’ve never done what is expected of a student, you know go to a festival, not shower, and stand in the middle of a huge crowd of people who have also not showered. I have always wanted to go to a festival, I mean the whole not showering does freak me out, but the amazing acts, the awesome environment, it seems like an unforgettable experience. I have never had the chance or the friends to get myself to a festival. However, I do plonk my bum on the sofa every year to watch Glastonbury (I know its not the same but its all I have to work with.)


Although I don’t often get the chance, seeing artists live is my favourite thing! I wasn’t expecting to kick off 2018 with an awesome live performance, but it happened (thank you to my mate Hayley, she’s a bae!) Whilst sat sipping our costa lattes, she mentioned about a band she had a spare ticket for, and asked if I wanted to go, of course I said sure, but I was slightly nervous. What if I hated them! I had nothing to fear Lord Huron were amazing!


Lord Huron, an indie folk band from across the pond, took to the stage at O2 ritz in Manchester. I had listened to them, but I did not expect the energetic passionate performance that was given! There are very few contemporary artists that sound the same live as recorded, but there was no difference. Their amazing vocals hypnotized the room, and it was a phenomenal sight to see.


You may not recognise the name Lord Huron, but who’s a fan of a little series called ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’? One of my favourite scenes is when Hannah and Clay danced together; a beautiful song, ‘The Night We Met’, accompanies it. Bet you can’t guess whom the artist is! Of course it’s Lord Huron. The lyrical meaning in the song is beautiful, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when it was performed.


I’m glad that I was able to see Lord Huron live, it’s made me want to listen to their stuff more, and even though I wasn’t familiar with their sound, at the end of the concert I was a fan. My one recommendation for anyone is treat yourselves to more live music, because experiences like that are unforgettable.


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