The Chandler Phase

Ok so after binge writing four 4000-word essays my brain is mush. The one thing that kept me sane throughout was watching Friends. You may be surprised to hear (my best friends and sister were so disappointed), but I have never seen friends. I had seen the odd episode; I knew different things, like Ross and Rachel were together at some point. Although, the emotional rollercoaster I did not expect! I highly recommend Friends to anyone that has not seen it; it is just a beautiful show.


I know what you’re thinking, why the hell have I just yapped on about Friends!? Could I be anymore obsessed?!  No, I am not going to discuss the transphobic references (which by the way it’s a 90s show, society wasn’t as accepting as it is today!) I am beginning to realise that most men are hitting, what I call, the Chandler phase. Even though, I love Chandler, his comic timing, and awkward personality is perfection, but I argue his fear of commitment represents a lot of the guys I talk to.


I know it’s probably my poor taste, and tinder’s pitiful quality of man candy, but no body wants a serious relationship anymore. Commitment is the dreaded word, and don’t even get me started on monogamy. I know I’m still young, and I have plenty of life to live, but I want to experience a serious relationship. My desires however do not align with the popular opinions of society. Most men in their early twenties want to sew their wild oats, if you catch my drift. No one seems to date anymore, and romance appears to have faded away. It upsets me to think that I may never have the chance to be a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. I wont be able to re-enact the scenes of the notebook, Ryan Gosling must remain in my fantasies. I’d have more luck dating, by sexting and sending nudes, but that’s not me.



Yes, I’m a fan of rom coms, and even Chandler has his day, falling for Monica in a mad passionate affair in London. This leads me to think that may be it is just a phase. Chandler in season 4, finally unites with Monica, and as the seasons continue, he proclaims his love for her, and marries her, a true demonstration of commitment (well in my eyes it is, whether people would agree with me is a different story. These days’ weddings mean a different thing to what they did in the past, but that’s another blog!) The wedding takes a few years for the couple, and Chandler being in a serious relationship is big step. The character of Chandler demonstrates an evolution of a man, all the way up to the stage of settling down.


Maybe the reason Cupid is having no luck is because we are all in a Chandler phase. Or maybe it’s because I’m doing an MA and don’t get chance to look up from my laptop.

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