The Era of Empowering Breakup Songs


Ladies we have all been there. We put our heart on our sleeve and it gets trampled on. 2017 has been the year of girl power, and powerful girls need empowering break up songs! Music is an essential for me. When I’m sad, lonely, happy, excited or broken, popping on some tunes always seems to save my mood. Breakups are, lets face it, s*@£! You’ve told someone how you feel and they’ve looked at you and said they’re not a fan. After a messy break up, I am the first to grab the chocolate and the tissues, dive into bed and hide from the real world for a little bit. But after a few days of hiding its time to face up to the big bad world, and music is a key motivator to get you up and running again.


Classics such as Taylor Swift and Adele have been popular heartbreak anthems, but for me some of them seem weak. The message of weakness, and there are plenty more fish in the sea is repeated to us. Although 2017 has seen a refreshing change to this attitude, with more empowering, messages being expressed in songs for the person with a broken heart. Personally, I welcome the change with open arms, as I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself, I need someone telling me to get back out there! Although a soppy break up song always makes it on to my playlist without fail.


The first of my empowering break up songs is… (Drumroll please) New Rules by Dua Lipa. As a fresh artist, Dua Lipa has conquered the pop scene, and her new single ‘New Rules’, is a catchy anthem for recently single women around the world. Dua’s song gives us ladies some advice on how to handle a break up, avoiding the phone, don’t let that man back in, and friends is not the way to go, just some of the advice given, portraying the idea that you don’t need him. That man was a part of your life but you are not reliant on him, and can easily have a lush life without him. Dua Lipa is one of my favourite artists at the moment, and if you haven’t heard her stuff, give it a listen, you will not regret it.


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Number two on the breakup playlist is, of course, the lovely Anne Marie. After being treated like a mug by a guy this spring, when I heard this song it instantly reminded me of him. Not really him (don’t want to give him too much credit) but the events that happened. ‘Ciao Adios’ is a song full of empowerment. The basic message is reminding girls not to waste their time on boys who are giving someone else all their time. Girls if a boy doesn’t respect you, doesn’t care about you as much you care about them, it isn’t worth the hassle. “After 3 after 4 times why do I bother? Tell me how many more times does it take to get smarter?” this lyric stood out to me, it demonstrates that we can fall in to the trap of caring too much to often, and we need to learn, that in a relationship or friendship you should be respected, it shouldn’t be a one way deal. Anne Marie’s song gave me the courage to say Ciao Adios I’m done.

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This wouldn’t be a post about break up songs if I didn’t mention the legendary Taylor Swift. I am obsessed with ‘Reputation’; Taylor has shook off the country girl rep and become a bad ass, that doesn’t care what people think of her (which I am a huge fan of). My favourite song off the album is ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’, although there is subtle blows aimed at Kanye West, the song is a light-hearted little message to your ex. “And here’s to you because forgiveness is a nice thing to do, sorry I can’t say that with a straight face”, showing every girl that you don’t have to forgive your ex, because they are usually undeserving. In contrast to her other songs such as white horse; showing a woman of weakness, Taylor is exhibiting a strong, independent representation of a woman.


2017 has a need for women’s empowerment. Breakups are when we are at our weakest, so to have empowering songs for when we are down makes complete sense. So maybe save that chocolate for later, no more hiding under the duvet. Pop some headphones in and block out the world with the voices of badass babes!



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