Is Your Relationship Best Friend Approved?

  Yep, another blog on relationshippy things….


Relationships are tricky. Not only do we have to contend with the age of Tinder and the mobile F@!% boys attached to it. We also have to gain approval from the main people in our lives. Nope, I don’t mean the judging eyes of mother and father bear, I mean the best friends. Entering a new lovey dovey relationship is exciting. You’ve finally found someone who gets your weirdness, and understands that you want to dance around the kitchen to Harry styles (nope, just me?). Everything is perfect and the two of you have your own little world. However, there is always that daunting presence in the room. What if my best friend hates him?!

Personally, my best friends are an important presence in my life. There are endless text and Whatsapp conversations, pictures of outfits and hairstyles all awaiting judgement from them. Yes, my best friends help me out with a lot of decisions in my life (although when it comes to outfits they usually just expect them to be different). It is important that my BFFs are happy for me, but when I’m in a relationship, I want them to get on with my partner in crime too (you know to avoid those awkward party conversations). Although, do we have to depend on our best friends approval for the perfect man. And what happens if your bestie is not the biggest fan of your new BF?

For most people in there 20’s being disliked by your other half’s friends is a big deal, and can make or break a relationship. Tracey Moore writes, that at the age of Uni and freedom, our friends are everything. Therefore a lot of pressure rests on the opinion of your bestie, so ‘if they don’t meet their approval, it’s like dating someone who is allergic to your dog’. This works both ways, as a girlfriend I want to be liked by my partner’s mates. My last relationship showed me that troublesome chums could, not only do your head in, but also be the downfall of your relationship. Every time I wanted time alone with him who shall not be named, I was hogging him, I was being too clingy, and I was made to feel like a nuisance. Hang on I’m the ‘supposed’ love of his life! Looking back, I’ve learnt that the immaturity in his mates reflected his own immaturity (yeah, it didn’t last long).


The importance of a friend’s opinion is also reflected in the world of celebrities (because surprisingly they’re human like us!). Ed Sheeran has been splashed across many celeb news sites, after commenting on T Swifty’s new beau Joe Alwyn. He gets a ‘thumbs up’ from Ed, who even stated that they are ‘very much in love’. I’m sure they’ll be a break up song written about him in the future, but for now we can thank Ed Sheeran’s comments for inspiring this blog!


Although we shouldn’t depend on our friend’s approval, and we should make our own mistakes, sometimes it’s hard to avoid. One word is all it takes to plant a seed of doubt. I know that my friends only want the best for me, and after my last catastrophic relationship, maybe I should pay more attention.




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