What Do You Mean Periods Are Red Not Blue?



Don’t Let Those Pesky Ads Deceive you!


Once a month ladies around the world all face the dreaded time. ‘Riding the crimson wave’, as Cher from Clueless puts it, is an emotional rollercoaster. Get the rom-coms and the chocolates ready! But gents you may be surprised to hear that periods are in fact red (gasp)!


Most sanitary towel and tampon companies like to keep their adverts inconspicuous, using blue liquid to show the absorbency of the product. Not anymore folks! Body form has broken the boundaries on the apparent social abnormalities of having a period. Instead of the factual advert displaying blue liquid, the new campaign clearly shows red liquid being poured on to a pad.


Personally, I never understood the use of blue liquid over red. Isn’t a period normal? A large proportion of the population have one, so why is it socially shunned to show a bit of blood on a pad? Even the popular TV show Family Guy abstains from the use of red. “Show us anything as long as its blue”, but why do we have a fear of something that happens on a regular basis.


In 2017, the era of Game of Thrones and American Horror Story, television is packed with blood, guts and gore. We have become desensitised to a fear of it. Body form is simply stating that periods are a normal thing, what is abnormal, is displaying to younger audiences that we leak blue liquid every month. The stigma surrounding periods comes in a variety of forms, not just a fear of the red stuff.


Ladies, who is with me when I say I, have had enough of men blaming my emotions on my period? My ex boyfriend used to use this excuse all the time, ‘oh you’re only annoyed at me coz you’re on’. Surprisingly half the time I was annoyed because he was hung-over and had forgotten we were meant to be doing something, the other half was because I was hungry (and I’m sorry I cant be held accountable for the things I say when I’m Hangry). Yes, during my period I do get quite emotional, I have a good old cry, watch Notting Hill, and eat a lot of junk food. I can get irritable and a little more moody than usual, but when you feel like someone is dragging a knife across your stomach and punching you in the back, its not always fun and games. Yes my period is annoying but it is a fact of life that I cannot change.


Having a period comes with being a woman, it doesn’t make me weak, it doesn’t make me incapable of any tasks, it just means once a month my body ovulates. A quote in ‘Ashes to Ashes’ (the TV series with Phillip Glennister and Keeley Hawes, its old now but still amazing) has stuck with me, “why would you give a job like that to a person who has periods?” Back in the day the conception was that periods make you weak. You are too emotionally sensitive and therefore are not competent to take on roles of authority or superiority. This ridiculous notion is pathetic. The fact that periods are still ridiculed and used by men to disregard a woman’s emotions is disrespectful.

Body form has made a step in the right direction. Periods are a normal occurrence, they are red not blue. Women go through them every month so why is it such an abnormality to society? Opposite to popular belief, as a woman I don’t spend my period in my dressing gown crying, I have my emotional time, but then it’s the normal everyday routine (with some added treats, no skinny lattes that week, more like hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows). BLOOD IS NORMAL!



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    1. katroles says:

      Hi! I’ve had one comment about my blog not loading on an iPhone 4, but I wouldn’t have clue where to begin to fix it! As far as I know my blog works on all platforms, it may be the theme that is used, have a play around!
      Hope this helps!


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    1. I didn’t hire anyone, this is all my own work thank you!


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