Are My Knockers Normal?

How Often Do You Feel your Funbags?

     Jugs, melons, knockers, boobs, and my personal favourite mammaries, yes its breast cancer awareness month. They are a big part of my life and have been with me 21 years so, I think it’s about time I showed them some attention!


In an attempt to feed my instagram addiction and to gain some inspiration for this week’s blog, I stumbled (well swiped) upon a lady called Lolli (@girlstolelondon). Apart from her aesthetically pleasing instagram (literally it is beautiful, Lolli I need lessons) L is the creator of a campaign titled GRLvsCANCER. (@girlvscancer). Continuing down the rabbit hole I’d been drawn into, I read the blog page on the site. WOW.


L has documented the ins and outs of her battle with cancer. Her experience with chemotherapy is an emotional whirlwind to read (yep I cried and not in a cool way). I have nothing but respect for Lolli. Her upbeat nature shone through her account, partnered with beautiful photography by Alex Cameron (@alex_cameron), the realness of the “arsehole cancer” (in L’s words) was made apparent.


Many people at least know someone who has fought a battle with cancer. Personally, I lost a best friend (Dana RIP) to cancer at the age of 8, my grandma, my granddad, and my uncle to bowel cancer. Losing people at a young age to such a devastating disease meant I didn’t really understand what was going on. Everyone around me knew Dana’s cancer was terminal. 8 year old me just thought ‘my teachers are well cool, letting me sit next to my BFF all the time’. I can never thank them enough for that time. There was always an empty seat in the classroom that haunted me for years to come. As years have gone by many more people have lost there lives to cancer, including the iconic David Bowie.


October is one of the many months to promote awareness of breast cancer specifically. This month I am supporting GRLvsCANCER. Lolli has launched a ‘tit-tee’ campaign, and they have some epic shirts! I picked ‘knockers’ but there’s everything from bee stings to jubblies! 25% of sales are donated to GRLvsCANCER’s partner charities. ( I’ll pop all the links below!)



So when was the last time you gave your lady lumps a squeeze (or pecks, gents I apologize). Once a month we should be giving our funbags a bit of attention. There are certain signs that you should keep your eyes peeled for. The ‘Coppa Feel’ campaign have made a really helpful site explaining what we should be aware of when it comes to assessing our melons.


What should you look for?

  • Changes in skin puckering/ dimpling
  • Swelling in armpit or around the collar bone
  • Nipple discharge
  • Nipple inversion
  • Sudden change in size or shape
  • A rash or crusting around the nipple



What should you feel for?

  • Lumps or thickening
  • Constant and unusual pain



Coppa feel suggest that checking your bangers should be a monthly habit. Ladies and Gents, I ask you please check your breasticles once in a while. Don’t let cancer win.



Girl Prob Blog








Coppa Feel Campaign:




A huge shout out to L (@girlstolelondon) she is a huge inspiration and I encourage you all to go and check her out and show her some love and support. None of this is #AD, this is all me being inspired by her courage. Here are some instagram accounts you might want to have a cheeky peek at.









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  1. Hello ,I recently started to blog writing, can you send me some advice , thank u


    1. katroles says:

      My honest advice would be to write what you want to. don’t base yore blog on someone else, make it unique! sorry for the reply and thank you for your comment!


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