What are you going to Uni for?

The Phenomenon of The MRS Degree

       Hundreds and thousands of young strong-minded men and women flock to University every year. Their future’s bright as a brand new penny. In 2017 these young people entering academia with their new ideas and passion are the future, and university is a step to show case that.

     However, in this modern era some people still have the old-fashioned view, that some women have a sole purpose during their time at university, which is finding a husband. This phenomenon is coined, more popularly in America, as the ‘ MRS’ Degree. Urban Dictionary defines the ‘MRS’ degree by assuming that most women attend University (or College for our friends across the pond) for the sole purpose of getting married. The definition continues to state that by grabbing yourself a hubby at university you can avoid responsibility, and be happy knowing that you’ve snatched yourself a real breadwinner. My first reaction to the notion of the ‘MRS’ degree was partly shock, but mostly I found it amusing that in this era some people still believe that a woman needs a man to survive in the big bad world.

     My first year of University led to a lot of firsts, (unfortunately not the academic ones I was after) first time in Liverpool, and a significant first, my first boyfriend. Before university I had been quite content on my own, but once I had settled into my course, my new best friend thought it was about time she played cupid for me. With the help of Tinder I was all set for a date, and by Christmas I had my first official boyfriend. Now, back to the actual point of the story. One afternoon, I got chatting to one of his flat mates, out of nowhere he stated ‘you’ve done really well.’ Looking a little bit confused, I questioned him on what I was apparently succeeding in. He responded with ‘ you’re well on your way to graduating with your MRS degree’. This comment achieved him another baffled look donning my face. He chuckled away as my (at the time) boyfriend entered the room. At the time I never contemplated too deeply on the conversation, I just assumed it was a passing joke and I should just shake it off (in the words of Taylor Swift).

       Looking back on that conversation now, I can see that it wasn’t a joke; it was an insensitive remark that insulted my intentions at University. In America the MRS degree is more commonly known. Even ‘The College Magazine’ has an article titled ‘Top 10 Schools To Find a Husband’. While the article claims that the ‘MRS’ degree is an old-fashioned notion, and women are not reliant on men for stability any more. The tract proceeds to give details of colleges that are the best academically, and have the highest success rate. So ladies that are looking to bag a ‘fella’ have the best choice. The more I read, the more astonished I became. Ladies the ‘MRS’ degree is an actual notion in 2017! In an account of her University experience, Marlena Graves claims that ‘ women would put their personal and spiritual journeys aside, in order to become marriage material’, which left me questioning, what is ‘Marriage Material’? What exactly makes a woman perfect for marriage? If it’s the patriarchal view of the ‘nurturer’, then I apologise but I may not be perfect marriage material.

       Retrospectively my time at University allowed me to take on a challenge. I know selfish right? In fact it’s not selfish at all, I had an interest in a topic and I pursued it. I didn’t think I’d find my future hubby, I don’t think I even thought about a boyfriend. Ladies the days of the ‘bread winner’ are over! You don’t have to look far to find inspirational independent women.





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